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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hello, wild things, and welcome to my "new" blog!

This change has been a long time in the making. I've been planning and scheming and fiddling with this blog for quite a few months now, and I'm proud to show you guys the end result!

First things first: the new name. How Not To Be A Zombie had been a title I had thought of under pressure when I had really wanted to start a blog five years ago (geez, has it really been that long?).  While zombies are still something I'm into, I don't really feel like the name reflects the content I'm creating. So, I looked at the big picture and realized that if I wanted to unify my "personal brand" I could name my blog the same thing I'd been calling my art work for the past three years. And, as an extra selling point, it also references one of my favorite children's books! "Hello, Wild Things" was born, and for me it is an all around winner.

While I was in the planning stages for my design, I took a lot of time to stop and think about what I really wanted this website to be. The organization of the last site was pretty terrible, so I wanted to make sure this new layout gave my content a place to shine. I didn't want readers to have to dig for hours to find a diy or an old printable. That being said, I'm sure that the site will undergo major transformations often. I'm a big fan of changing and growing.

So, many hours of staring at a screen and weirdly specific Google searches later, this is the layout we have now! I went with pops of color (which you know I love) with a little bit of a rock and roll vibe. The posts are now categorized to be easily browse-able by subject, and I highlighted my regular features. I'm pleased with the outcome, and can't wait to see where this new looks takes me!

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