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Sunday, February 10, 2019

I've been keeping a steady bullet journal for two years now, which, if you ask me, is a small miracle. I summed up what bullet journals are and how I use them in this post last year, so this time I'm going to tell you about my top ten bullet journal supplies.

The most important thing is a good notebook. My favorite (obviously) are Field Notes notebooks. I go a little over the top and use a new notebook for each month. It really helps keep my creative juices flowing. I've learned that my themes have to vary from month to month or I just get bored.

Notebooks pictured above: Field Museum x Field Notes (sold out),  Expedition, Lunacy Edition (sold out), M x L x B x D Edition (sold out), custom painted rainbow mess, Cherry Graph, Coastal Edition (sold out), Campfire Edition (sold out), another MxL..., XOXO 2018 Edition, and Abercrombie and Fitch x Field Notes.

The second thing you need? A good pen. These erasable pens are my absolute favorite.

Really, truly, a pen and a notebook are all you need to set up a bullet journal. But there are a few other things I find myself using time and time again.

Need some help setting up? The creator of the Bullet Journaling Method has come out with a book. You can buy that here.

Because I use such a small book, I use sticky notes to add info to pages constantly. I personally really love the bright colors of Post-It sets like these.

Since I've started journaling like this I've found myself collecting unique office supplies. One supply I use in every journal (mainly to mark where my daily log is) is paper clips. I love the color of these gold ones, and these dinosaur ones are just so playful!

Along the same lines as the paper clips, I often tape tabs onto pages that I keep re-visiting. This set from Michael's is colorful and cute!

I sometimes need a pick-me-up in the middle of the day, and I've found that sticking a photo of my little monster on the front page of my journal is just want the doctor ordered. For that, I usually use an Instax camera.

And to stick the various things into my notebook (it's seriously like... a scrapbook/collage/doodle-fest in these notebooks) I usually use washi tape, purely for the cuteness of it all. You can get washi tape at pretty much any craft store these days, but I really love the colors in this set.

Sometimes I need something a little more sturdy to put my mementos from the month in, and that's where stickable pockets like these work really well.

If you're planning to switch journals a lot like I do, you're going to need a box to put them in. Field Notes has a really nice one that I've been eyeing for a while. I keep my journals in a simple box from a craft store that my sister wood burned a label and date into, and it looks awesome on my shelves.

As I said before, starting a bullet journal is as simple as having a pen and notebook. But as you go along, you might find that you need a few more things to keep everything organized. The only rule I have for my journals is that they reflect the things I'm into at that moment. My final goal is to capture how I'm feeling. Oh, and to help me not forget things. :)

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