Love Bug Bouquet

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

How cute is this little bouquet? I really wanted a simple DIY for this Valentines, and I think I've hit the mark. This project took me, from start to finish, about 30 minutes. And with minimal amounts of glue involved, it is a great project for kids.

Thick Colorful Paper
Straws (ones with super bendiness are best)

Step one: Cut out your flowers.
I wanted my boquet to have a whimsical look, so I drew the flowers on the back freehand and then cut them out.

Step two: Add your slits for the straws.
To insert the straw into the flowers, you are going to need two quarter-inch to half-inch wide slits in the center of the flower. To do this, I did the old "fold it a little bit in half and cut on the crease" trick.

Step three: Add your straw.
Bend the straw, stick it in the slots, and work the flower up the straw until you've got it where you want it to be. 

Step four: Make your "love bugs."
The bugs on these flowers are hearts that have been folded to make them look like wings. I drew hearts on construction paper, added a pattern, then cut them out. Tip: the easiest way to draw small hearts is to color a little oval at an angle, and then add another one on top, having the lower half overlap (where you want the point to be). You can see the first oval in the picture above.

Step five: Glue on your bugs.
I folded the hearts in half then glued half of the heart down, giving the bug some body!

Step six: Decorate your vase.
I added a few ribbons and a tag that said "Hugs from our Love Bug." Put in the flowers and voilĂ : A cute, whimsical, and inexpensive Valentine's gift!

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