Going on a Bug Hunt

Thursday, August 1, 2019

"We are going on a bug hunt!" I announce to my almost two year old. I am met with a blank stare. Yup, this is pretty much how I expected this to go. I herd him over to the couch and dump out the contents of the bag in my hands. A small notebook, "map," bug examination box and measuring tape fall out. I let him examine everything, the pack it back into his small bag and sling it over his shoulder. "Let's go!" I exclaim, met by another bewildered look. 
In my own bag I have a pile of colorful bugs I had drawn on contact paper while he was sleeping. I put one down and gasped. "I found a bug! Look!" Ronan follows my pointed finger, and his eyes light up. He makes the comically exaggerated "omg" face that I had been hoping for. I tell him to put it in the bag, and he toddles over to grab his discovery.


Amazingly, we are able to find most of the bugs before he loses interest.  I put them in the examination box, and make references to what he found all night, being sure to tell Dad when he gets home. 

The next day I ask Ronan if he wants to look at his bugs. We get them out and one by one stick them in our notebook and measure them. (Measuring is one of his favorite activities). It takes about a week to fill the whole notebook, but now he has a book he can get out and look at. When he is a bit older I'd like to name the bugs, or even have him draw them!

Supplies for this actrivity:
contact paper
colorful permanent markers
a notebook
a ruler

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