DIY Color Frames Game

Friday, June 26, 2020

As someone who naturally loves to teach, having a two-year-old has been magical. As with many kids this age, Ro is a sponge. He has learned so much in so little time. And he loves to show off what he has learned, which means he is constantly practicing. I try to encourage this practice by introducing activities that make learning into a game. This activity is a great example of that. 

This DIY is awesome because it checks off the three boxes that I feel like every great DIY should. It's recycled materials, it's easy to do, and it doubles as both a toy and a teaching tool. It's incredibly simple to make and not too time consuming. I was able to complete the whole project in about two to three hours.

I used recycled cardboard for my frames. I cut them into 6 inch by 7 inch rectangles, then cut out a square in the center, leaving more room at the bottom so I could write the names of the colors. I ended up making ten frames for all of the colors I thought he knew already. (red, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, black, gray, white.) I then painted the frame the base color with a few coats, then added some details with lighter paints. The patterns aren't necessary, but they give the frames a more finished look.

Ro has really enjoyed matching the colors on the frames to things around the house. He particularly loves to put the green frame around the power button on the Roomba, and the black frame on the TV. When I came into the room today, one of the frames was hanging on our night light. Quite an art piece!

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