Monster Maker DIY Felt Toy

Friday, June 12, 2020

This is a simple DIY toy that uses colorful, zany shapes to create a situation where imaginative play comes naturally. That play can easily lead to conversations about how bodies are structured and why different creatures have such extraordinary shapes.


This is one of those projects that has almost too much possibility. It kind of leaves you thinking "where do I start?" I would start with the big shapes first. Cut a few out of each color you have available. I did a triangle, square, circle, the normals. And then I also did a few U shapes and a few abstract ones. Then, with the felt I had leftover, I cut out my smaller shapes. Triangles, stars, zig zags, rectangles, eye shapes... whatever I could think of. Feel free to use any of the pictures below as inspiration for shapes! When I was done with this project all I had left of the felt were itty bitty scraps. It's a great craft for using all of your leftover materials!

The best piece of advice I can give you is that you should try to cut out all of your smaller shapes in pairs of two. That way any zig-zag can be an arm, and a triangle can be an eye. I also loved cutting some "fringy" pieces. They worked well for hair, whiskers, beards, skirts... 

I'm going to admit, it was so much fun to set up the felt for the picture below. It was a stretch for me, creatively, and kind of soothing. This DIY isn't just for kids!

And I couldn't leave this post without showing you some of our beautiful creations. I think my personal favorite is the blue guy with the big ears. Now that I'm looking at these again, though, I kind of want to make a mega-monster using as many of the shapes as possible. How far do you think I'd get before my two year old got bored and tried to destroy it?

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